2017 Impact Report

Last year was an exciting year of growth for us with the introduction of new products and markets that dramatically expanded our ability to help off-grid families access clean, affordable home energy.

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Impact By The Numbers
127,235 People Accessing Cleaner Energy
$25.53M Fuel Savings by BioLite Customers
65,792 Tonnes of Wood Avoided
137,300 Tons of CO2e Offset by HomeStove

35 Staff members on Emerging Markets teams Across US, Kenya, Uganda
123,141,204 Watt Hours of Electricity Generated By the BioLite Ecosystem
97.85% Net Promoter Score Across Kenya And Uganda
72.68 KW Electrical Generation Capacity Through Sale of SolarHome 620 + HomeStove
2017 Highlights
Released first ever mini-doc, The Power Of Home Released first ever mini-documentary, The Power Of Home
Launched CampStove 2, the 2nd generation of BioLite’s flagship product Launched CampStove 2, the second generation of BioLite’s flagship product
Kickstarted the FirePit, securing 10,238 backers and raising over $2.5M. Kickstarted the smokeless and meal-cooking FirePit, securing 10,238 backers and raising over $2.5M.
BioLite Emerging Markets Headquarters open up central office in Nairobi BioLite Emerging Markets Headquarters open up central office in Nairobi
HomeStove named finalist for National Geographic Chasing Genius Award HomeStove named finalist for National Geographic Chasing Genius Award
Official Launch of SolarHome 620 with 50,000 units delivered to key distribution partners over the year Outside Gear of the Show Outdoor Retailer 2017 Winner - BioLite SolarHome 620
Corporate Sustainability Summary

We seek to minimize our resource consumption and create products that have a net benefit to humanity and to the planet. Monitoring our carbon footprint is the first step in understanding whether we are achieving this goal. To that end, we have been measuring our carbon footprint since 2012 and will be offsetting the entire footprint during this period. For complete analysis download our 2017 Sustainability Report.

BioLite’s Lifecycle Carbon Impact By Year
BioLite’s 2017 Emissions By Function
Stories Of Impact

Whether it was a backpacker in Peru or a family updating their house in Kenya, the BioLite community reminded us how important creating a sense of home is when you're off the grid. We'll introduce you to a few community members, teammates and partners who are bring energy everywhere in their own way.

Finding Home Up High
Peruvian Andes

Finding Home Up High

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The Power Of Home
Kitale, Kenya

The Power Of Home

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Designing A Better Campfire
Lake George, NY

Designing A Better Campfire

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An End-To-End Partnership
Bungoma, Kenya

An End-To-End Partnership

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A BioLite Favorite Is Back in 2018

The Road To Impact, Reborn

In 2016 BioLite published The Road to Impact, a ten-part multimedia series that took you behind the scenes at BioLite for an honest look at what it takes to fulfill our mission of bringing Energy Everywhere.

We are thrilled to announce that in 2018 we’re back at it, launching The Road To Impact: Future Energy, an update to the series that unpacks the future of energy through four short films. Working with a team of local journalists and documentarians, we’re digging deep into the emerging innovations, trends, and technologies that are revolutionizing the way people experience energy – and why we believe east Africa sits at the epicenter of these exciting changes.